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A Leaky Skylight And How It Can Effect Your Home

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Do you have skylight on the roof of your house or are you thinking about getting installed it? Skylight makes your house look much better. It not only enlightens your house but also provide some air. Skylight keeps your house warm in the cold season. But these skylight may be a headache for you if you find them leaking.

Skylight may be leaky if not installed properly

So if you are planning to get skylight installed on the roof of your house, do not try your self. You should also not hire a handyman to save some money. It is not a child’s game. You should hire a professional who has adequate experience.

This is true that an experienced roofing contractor will charge you a hefty amount for his service. But he can save you from the future problems and expenses; you may have to face for improper installation of skylight. Installing a skylight without proper knowledge may yield disastrous results.

You should contact a professional roofing contractor in your area. The contractor should be reputable, skilled and experienced. Try to persuade him to get your job done at some reasonable cost, affordable to your pocket. Keep in mind installing a skylight is a skilled job and you may have to pay some extra money for the services of an expert in the field.

What are the reasons for leakage of a skylight?

There may be many reasons like a tiny hole, blotch or a crack on the panels that surrounds skylight or on skylight itself. The roof contractor while fixing the skylight should consider all these things.

Sometimes skylight on the roof of your house may also be leaky after getting some old. Intensive conditions and some accidents may also be responsible for the leakage. So you should call the experienced roofer as soon as possible after noticing the leakage, to avoid any further damage.

Sometimes condensation is misunderstood as leakage in the skylight

If you see some drip inside of skylight on the roof of your house; do not loose your heart. It may or may not be a leakage problem. Condensation is a natural process in the cold seasons and may be caused by dryers, washing machines or hot baths. The drips falling from the condensation gives false impression of leaky skylight. In the cold seasons a build up of snow may get condensed on the outer surface of skylight. This may enter between the two panes of glass if the skylight is with double glazing.

Although the leakage from the skylight is very mild, it does much less harm to your roof or house. This may be indication of starting of a bigger problem. In the long run, if the leakage problem persists, you may have to change wallpaper or carpets inside your house. In acute conditions your house may need structural repairs. So get checked the skylight on the roof of your house, as soon as you notice any leakage from it.