choosing a roofing material

Selecting Best Roof for Your Property

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Roofs have many purposes to server to the house . All these should be kept in mind, purposes mainly include shelter , insulation , ventilation, exhaust ,etc. Choosing the proper roof system is important for both residential and commercial structures. Roofing involves more than the roofing membranes that protect substrates and sheeting from damage, and that protect the contents of your home or building.The roof can be of flat type or slanting type. Read more

repairing roof leaks

Repair your Leaking Roof (Part-II)

You have read my previous article “Repair your Leaking Roofs (Part-I) and is now aware of detecting the cause, types of stains on the ceiling, garden hose technique. In this article we will know some more tricks to diagnose the leakage spot in the roof.

In isolating the leak ridgeline may be very helpful. While inspecting the interior of your house you should go in the direction of ridgeline and check for the ceiling stain toward the middle of the roof near ridgeline. You may locate the source of water leakage easily. All of us know that water never flows in the upward direction. So it is clear that the culprit hole will be anywhere between the stain area and ridgeline. You may save much time and efforts this way Read more

repair roof leak

Repair Your Leaking Roof Part I (Before It’s Too Late)

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It is the rainy season and you are enjoying the drizzling, standing in the balcony of your house. Suddenly you hear the sound of dripping within the drawing room. You will run inside and see the inside scene. Your mood will be marred. You have no idea, what to do in this situation. Don’t worry; here are some ideas you should have in mind for your leaking roof. Read more

Choosing the right materials

Your roof is the one responsible for protecting your home from the heat of the sun and the rain and as time goes by you will eventually need to replace your roof. Choosing the right materials for your roof may give you some hassle but you will have to do it. It is better to prepare earlier and research the kinds of materials you will need for your roof in order to save time when the day comes that you will need to replace your roof. Read more

roof inspections

Inside and Outside Roof Inspection

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It is a well known fact that it is vital to have your roof inspected regularly. May it be old or new roof, it is essential to get it inspected from a certified roof inspector and obtain inspection certificate. This certificated will act as a document of insurance of your roof for next two years. The roof inspection company will be liable to repair your roof free of cost during this period. Read more

Traditional Wood Shingles

Wood Shingles: Everything You Need to Know

Wood shingles are unique especially in an area where everybody is installing asphalt roofing. The rustic natural wood shingles are going to add an artistic value to your home which is going to increase its financial value. Nevertheless, before you get all excited about installing a wooden roof there are a few things that you need to understand. Read more

5 Things You Need to Avoid if you are Installing a New Roof

Your roof keeps your house protected. This is why installing a new roof is a big investment that you shouldn’t take lightly. Hiring a reliable contractor is a good decision because you can guarantee the quality of the job. However, there are a few things that you should avoid to make sure that everything goes as planned. Read more

types of roofing materials

Different types of roofing materials

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Today roofs are made up of many types of materials. there are different types of composite materials available in the market for construction of roof. The factor affecting selection of roofing material are type of material , cost , age , its merits and de merits.

Mainly four types of materials are used Tile and Slate, Metal ,Cedar shingles and Asphalt shingles Read more

Roofing Maintenance: Things You Should Do

Installing or replacing a roof is expensive. This is why every homeowner wishes if their roof could last forever. It is true that some materials are more durable than others; nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your roof is going to last for decades.

Checking your roof at least twice a year is a good decision. This way you will be able to identify and fix any problems before they manifest. You can climb up the roof or even examine it from below. Here are some maintenance basics that you should never ignore. Read more

Choose the right roof

Your roof does not only protects you from the hot sun and the cold rain but it also contributes to the overall appearance of your house. With the right selection of color, you can dramatically change the beauty of your home. How do you decide on what color to choose? Well, that’s easy. First of all, you need to think advance on what your homes going to look like after it is all done. We all want our homes to look different from our neighbors but we also do not want it to shine in the wrong way. Read more