Choose the right roof

Your roof does not only protects you from the hot sun and the cold rain but it also contributes to the overall appearance of your house. With the right selection of color, you can dramatically change the beauty of your home. How do you decide on what color to choose? Well, that’s easy. First of all, you need to think advance on what your homes going to look like after it is all done. We all want our homes to look different from our neighbors but we also do not want it to shine in the wrong way.

Choosing a roof color that is way off the design of your house can affect the overall beauty of your house. You can choose a color that can supplement the other homes around you, a color which is good to look at and also make your neighbors’ roofs look good as well. Upon painting don’t rush it, paint a small area first and see how it turns out to be.

Other paints will not be exactly as it is once it is painted and be under the sun so be patient and look at it first before you decide. Do not combine so many colors just to make it stand out as the saying says less is sometimes more. You just need the right color combination to make your home stand out, choose a color that will not overwhelm people’s eyes and just notice the roof instead of the overall design of your home.

As years go by your roofs material will tear apart from the rash heat of the sun and in the rainy seasons. It is important to monitor your roofs status to avoid bigger problems. Roof leaks are hard to notice and gives the homeowners such problems because you can only notice it if it has already had a big damage on your inferior. Seeing where the leaking does not mean you already solved your problem sometimes the damaged area is not where it leaks and it makes it more complicated for you to locate where the damaged area is.

The water will flow where it takes it but normally the dripping of water starts where the water has nowhere else to go. Having a new roof and noticing the granules falling off is not to be worried because it may just come from the installation. But if your roof is older and you start noticing the granule to fall off this means that the shingles are deteriorating.

The granule is the one responsible for protecting your roof from the UV that comes from the sun so when they are damaged it will cause your shingles to become brittle and eventually break. If you notice the granules have been falling off better call your contractor immediately for them to have maintenance on it. Animals such as rats, cats, and even birds can damage your roof from the inside. So it is better to drive them away if you notice they live in there.