types of roofing materials

Different types of roofing materials

Roof asphalt shingles, shingle roofing materials, standing seam roofing material, metal roof material

Today roofs are made up of many types of materials. there are different types of composite materials available in the market for construction of roof. The factor affecting selection of roofing material are type of material , cost , age , its merits and de merits.

Mainly four types of materials are used Tile and Slate, Metal ,Cedar shingles and Asphalt shingles


Slate is one of the traditional roofing material that has much life span. The installation cost about one grand to two grand (dollars) for hundred sq. feet. Copper accesories are recommended with it. They are quite brittle so heavy density weights should not be kept on them . No weights should be kept on them at all recommended. Installation and material is very costly due to brittle nature.Repairs are quite hard to do. Does not require much Maintenance and is Fire resistant. It is Good for complicated installations.Life is around 80 years and more if proper care is taken, life span is one of the best feature of this type of roofin.


Cedar Shingles mean they are Wood Shingles. Cedar shingled roof look really nice and give adistinct look to the house.Cedar Shingles are really strong and sturdy and can handle weight easily. But this roofing material being made of wood is prone to fire easily. Cedar shingles can last a long period of time. Installation is very easy and simple but is still more expensive compared to asphalt shingles. Thier life span is quite good also about thirty to fourty years. The colour as time passes fades and give even a better look to the house , the texture is quite rich. Pricing depends on the cost of wood mainly in addition to the labour work.


Metal Roofs are generally consist of Copper roofing, corrugated-aluminum and stainless steel roofing.Prices are more than double compared to asphalt roof as metal are really expensive. Installation is also expensive. Great variety of colours and finishes are available like matte, shining finish , chrome ,etc .These are extremely strong roof can withstand great shocks.Preffered for simple roof types due to high cost.They are completely Maintenance Free. They have a high life span of about fourty to fifty years.


Tile Roofs are made of Clay tiles which come in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures. Concrete tiles are also available in market as an alternative and are cheaper too compared to clay. These materials are very heavy so they tend to strain roofs , can be used only for sturdy buldings. The repairs and installation due to weight are quite difficult too. These are fire and wind resistant but not suitable to colder climatic regions. The life span of these type of tiles is about more than sixty years.

  • But before choosing any material the following factors should be considered
  • Your budget which should include cost of materials , installation charges, etc.
  • The maintainance required for the type of roofing, cost and frequency.
  • Should suit the patern of the house and colour theme, etc.
  • Warranties should be taken into account if provided.
  • Cost of repair work which may occur in future should be taken into account.
  • Last but not the least, the climatic and geographic factors play a very important role in roof selection.