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Maintaining Your Roof (Extending the Life Expectancy)

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One of the principle aspects of house keeping is to maintain your roof. If neglected it may lead to heavy losses of life and property in the long term. Just like any living organism needs to maintain itself to sustain life , roofs are also required to be maintained for longer life of the house.

Roof maintenance is an easy task but requires a lot of time for the inspection.You can get better professional help if you willing to pay for it , the contractors will periodically visit and check the roofs and the structure. Or you can do it yourself , a cheaper alternative.There are many professional roof management and consulting firms available in the market today for your reference also.You can sough help from these firms and get more information about ht e type of roofs , maintenance and care.

The key points for maintaining a healthy roof are observation, knowledge and timely care.Some of the tasks are common for maintaining roofs. Some require special precautions and care , e.g. for houses near sea or geothermal areas. You must check your roofs at least once a year, recommended is two to three times depending on the area you live in.

You can start inspection just by looking at the roof and searching for any irregularities.First clear of all the debris present on the roof periodically. Look for cracks and crevices or any signs of leakage inside or outside the house. Make sure trees grow far away from your house because not only they can damage the roofs with the heavy branches but the root system of trees also advesely affects the base of the buildings. If trees are growing near the houses trim their branches that are touching your roofs regularly. Make sure that the structure is not deteriorating or has holes in it.

For metallic components keep an eye out for rust.

Check the insides of the house thoroughly for dampness or mold growth , this is a sign of damage to roof .

Time period suitable to check roofs can be as per your liking whenever the conditions are ideal. It may require you to climb to roofs for checking it and maintenance. Roof checking should be done with care and caution.The following safety tips should be followed basically.

  1. Clothing should be appropriate , to protect yourself from dust , etc
  2. Get some better grip foot gear to prevent slipping.
  3. Kids should be kept away from roofs.
  4. If possible use safety rope.
  5. Get supervision from a friend or relative so that in case of accidents , someone is nearby .
  6. Keep a first aid kit as bruises and cuts are common.
  7. You should be very careful while climbing and coming down.
  8. Should not attempt if you are scared of heights.

Check the roof thoroughly especially chimneys if you have one. Try to see in from inside if possile to make sure there are no cracks or damage or anything out of place. Make sure you check the flashings, remove any debris and clear out drains before checking the roof. Try to know your roof better by referring to brochures or pamphlets given while buying the house. Moss and lichen alaways grow on the north side so use the fact to your advantage.

Finally roof cleaning can be just as much fun if you have a gang of friends invite them over to get work done faster and more efficiently. It can be a great way of socializing too for family members.So be sure to enjoy roof cleaning