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Roof Cleaning Made Easy

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One of the the important aspect of house maintenance involves cleaning the roof. Care should be taken while cleaning the roofs as they tend to get get damaged in the process as well. To get the roof cleaned, many contractors are commercially available in the market whose help can be sought for the task. Optionally you can clean the roof yourself too if you do not mind sparing some time for it.

Based on your type of roof, you have many options to clean it. Mainly these two are Chemical cleaning or Pressure wash.

Pressure wash though exerts strain on the roof is Eco friendly and a economic way of cleaning the roof. It should be preferred for strong roofs made of concrete or similar hard material/s. As a disadvantage it may also wipe away the paint or color coats leaving the roofs if made of metal to corrode over time. For pressure cleaning care should be taken that roof structure is suitable, strong and sturdy.It may require repainting sometimes also.

Chemical cleaning consists of applying chemicals like Chlorine Bleach Solution or Sodium Hydroxide-Based Solution, etc. Chlorine Bleach is a cheaper way to clean roof compared to sodium hydroxide based solution also consumes less work and time.It kills surface algae but does not penetrate into roof to remove mold root structures. So Roof stains return in few months.Sodium hydroxide cleaning is more effective at cleaning the roofs, but consumes more time and effort. Also it requires more pressure so risk of damaging increases as it goes deeper into roofs and if not washed away may damage and corrode the roof.The use of these chemicals can be hazardous if not used with care and proper caution.

Before going for any type of cleaning you can hire a contractor to know your roofs better and find which type of cleaning is suitable for your roof type. Consult your contractor, get your roof examined and get more information about your roof.Explore your options open as sometimes damage to roof due to fungus,mold,wear,etc already may be high and renovation or replacement may be cheaper option, cost evaluation is also an important aspect.

If proper care is not taken roofs get damaged reducing the cost of your assets, not to mention they cause leaks.Also the lowering the life of your roof which is on average about 25 years, so proper care should be taken and regular cleaning of roofs should be done, about 6 to 12 months . Apart from this periodic inspection really does the trick and saves a lot time and energy.
“A stitch in time saves Nine”