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Selecting Best Roof for Your Property

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Roofs have many purposes to server to the house . All these should be kept in mind, purposes mainly include shelter , insulation , ventilation, exhaust ,etc. Choosing the proper roof system is important for both residential and commercial structures. Roofing involves more than the roofing membranes that protect substrates and sheeting from damage, and that protect the contents of your home or building.The roof can be of flat type or slanting type.

Residential roofing is typically made up of a number of materials and surfaces whose primary task is to maintain a barrier between the interior of the house and the weather, it is important to know some basic facts about roofing materials.It is usually recommended to hire a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing contractor. The installer, whether it is you or a contractor, should have experience specific to the material being used

Selecting the roof system depends on type of material to choose from according to mainly geographic and climatic factors.The other factors affecting this selection are time, money to be spent, ease of maintainance , service and repair costs.Other materials, such as slate or copper, are more expensive options geared towards specific architectural aesthetics.

Though all roofing materials should withstand harsh outdoor conditions, specific properties, such as expected longevity, fire resistance, grade of product, weight, suitability for low or steep slope roofs, and more, should be explored. Asphalt shingles are a sound option for good economy and straight forward installation. They are durable, time-tested, and generally come with a warranty. As far as appearance, you’ll have lots of attractive choices in colors and texture. They are basically the same but are created using different procedures and techniques using different compositions.

Depending on that we can get asphalt shingles that can strong sturdy cost effective but lower life span, some may have higher life span but may be not strong enough, while some may have all the good qualities but the price then may be too high. It is very highly recommended to do a market survey of all the products available for the particular type that you may be interested in.

Some other factors are roofs should provide pleasant environment within the houses also. They should have proper air flow facilities. Insulation should be also a concern or it can lead to much energy consumption and further may cause higher cost of living. Also remember to choose roof according to the type of climate you live in , you cannot select a roof that is prone to heat in a tropical region.

There are a number of factors which destroy the roof system so proper information on them should be acquired. The main factors are as described here. In countries where snow storm are usual the roof system should have a huge load bearing capacity ,if the load bearing capacity is exceeded it may bring down the house. The aerodynamic force of severe winds can lift off the singles and toss them around like matchsticks. So proper care should be taken so that damage is reduced. Also condensation related problems should be taken into account.

Rain water contains many pollutants , heavy metals etc which can cause damage to the roof system. Also it can seep down very easily into the roofs and cause algae and fungal growth. It also affects the electrical and insulating systems .Moss and Lichen are One of the biggest enemies to the roofs. They not only ruin the beauty of the roof by creating creating ugly stains, algae can retain moisture leading to rot and decay of the roof and becomes irreparable.It is also a good idea to keep trees pruned back from your roof so that they do not add to the weight on the roofs.

Also their growth should be controlled away from roofs. Or they can cause much physical damage gradually over the years.The radiations from sun too heats up the roof and cause them to expand and contract. Also heating leads to a faster rate of deterioration.

There are many other factors also which should be considered before opting for a new system.Replacing your roof requires a lot of thought and planning, since a roof should provide shelter for you and your home for years to come. In starting your project, you’ll need to focus on material and installation. Roofing material pricing varies according to type of material, manufacturer, quality, and quantity. Installation is usually a necessary cost as well, since it is generally recommended that a professional contractor install roof materials.

There are some roofing terms with which you should be familiar. These should aid you in understanding some differences in materials, as well as help when talking to contractors or planning the job yourself. These are Rafters, Deck/Sheathing, Underlayment, Dormer, Fire rating, etc.